Why I don't use Adsense.

As you can see, the info on this blog is offered for free. But at one time, I thought about setting up Google Adsense . With Adsense, you get revenue for allowing advertisements on your blog. Then I realized that those ads would be related to the information on my blog - they would probably be ads for lice products. I am not a fan of most lice products and I would never want most of these products to be associated with my advice in anyway. So, this blog will continue to come to you ad free (with the exception of the offer of my services.)

Why do I offer free advice? Two reasons. First, I do it because I can. I do other work besides lice removal, so it is not my only source of income. The second reason is because I want people to understand that lice removal is not rocket science. You do not need specialized training or expensive products to do it. You just need to really get informed and get busy.

In lice removal, I am happy that I meet more people on the phone than in the home. Most calls that I receive are from people who are willing to do the work of lice removal; they just need to be pointed in the right direction. When I say that I'm willing to offer free advice, believe me and give me a call.

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