Head lice are like clutter.

In his book, "It's All Too Much", home organziation guru Peter Walsh challenges the notion that the answer to clutter is more storage. To avoid having to get rid of items, or to avoid having to make decisions about all our stuff, we buy into new "storage solutions" - more baskets, file cabinets, shelving and boxes. However, in the end, these do nothing to deal with the real issue - the clutter itself. In the end, to really deal with clutter, we have to find a way to actually have less of it.

This makes me think of how some people deal with head lice. They want to deal with the problem, but they want to do everything they possibly can to avoid actually having to remove the head lice. They buy "treatments", "shampoos", and concoct home remedies. And then, when they still find bugs living on the head, they call me and ask, "Which treatment should I use next?" Or, they spend all of their energy on cleaning their home from ceiling to cellar because of head lice paranoia but can't be bothered to actually deal with the activity on the scalp.

To quote Peter Walsh, "Enough already!" Forget the expensive solutions. If you have head lice, deal with the real issue - the head lice itself. It is only when you take the time to actually remove the bugs and eggs off of the head that you will see progress. And by dealing with the real problem right from the start, you will save yourself time and money in the end.

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