Will Lice Pick for ??????

Dealing with head lice is one of those activities that society has convinced us costs money. Our local health authority tells families that they must purchase lice "treatments" (pesticides) in order to get rid of these pesky bugs. And yet, people have been dealing with head lice for centuries and somehow were able to fight these parasites without the costly pesticides that we've only had available to us for the last 30 years. People would just pick the lice and nits off of the head, hence the term "nitpicker". You simply don't need to buy lice "shampoos" to deal with this problem.

You also don't need my services. A huge majority of my potential business is turned away because I tell people how to deal with their head lice themselves. Still, sometimes people just want to spend the money for some extra piece of mind.

I've been reading the book The Moneyless Man by Mark Boyle. Mark lived "off the grid", without the use of money, for an entire year. It is a very interesting read with some great tips. With all the "Occupy Wall Street" protests going on in the states and the economic crisis all over the world, I do believe we need to be more conscious about how we use our resources.

In this spirit, I would like to barter my lice services. In other words, if you have a lice problem, I would be willing to exchange my lice removal services for something of value besides money. Here's the fine print:

1. I am willing to barter for items or services that I really need or want. What do I need? Who knows. What do any of us need? Haircuts? Lawn care? Obscure gift cards that you won't use? That ornate 1970's clock that your Aunt Maxine left you in her will that you can't stand? I'm open to interesting ideas. Your item or service should be of a value that is similar to what I charge for lice picking.

2. I am not willing to barter for everybody. Unlike Mark Boyle, I still choose to live in a society that uses money. I don't think that my gas company will continue to heat my home in exchange for lice removal services.

3. This is a limited time offer, available only to those in Edmonton, Alberta or surrounding areas. Sorry to those of you who read my posts in the UAE or Sweden. I'm willing to barter my services until November 30th, 2011.

Let the games begin!

Update: I have discovered, to my surprise, that many people are rather reluctant to barter. However, I now have a lovely dreamcatcher that I didn't have before. I guess I won't be living in a moneyless world any time soon.