Video Link - How to use your lice comb.

As I have said many times before on this blog, the most helpful tool to have in your fight against head lice is a proper, metal lice comb. I have also said that not all combs are created equal. This includes metal combs. There are a lot of combs on the market with metal teeth that are positively useless. If the teeth can easily bend or separate, then they will still comb around the nits instead of scraping them out. The three combs I recommend are the Licemeister, the Nit-Free Terminator, and the lovely inexpensive generic purple duel-sided comb found at Walmart. For information about these combs, click here.

There is a video on YouTube about the Licemeister comb and how to use it. The techniques apply to any proper lice comb. I will provide the link to the video in a moment, but if you go to watch it, promise you will come back and read my comments about the video. Will you read the rest of this blog post? You will? Ok, then click here for the link.

I like this video because