How to become an expert.

How did I get to know so much about head lice?
Well, first, I was exposed to lice/nit-picking, realized that I rather liked doing it, and then did it for everyone I knew that had head lice. Then I read everything that I could get my hands on about head lice, from reputable and not-so-reputable sources. After that, I took my new knowledge out for a spin. Did you know that adult lice can swim in Nix for a long time? I do, because I dropped them in the Nix myself. How do I know that a louse can look like a minuscule red speck of pepper? Because I saw the tiniest red speck on someone's head, wondered "what is that?", looked at it under my microscope and found it to be a perfect little louse. How do I know that you can believe those studies that say that permethrin, the pesticides found in most lice "shampoos", has become essentially ineffective? Because ALL of my business comes from people who have already tried these treatments, usually numerous times. What does a louse do when it is off of your head and on the ground? Not much, because I've dropped it and watched it. What happens when an off-the-head louse gets really near one strand of hair? It does all it can to get to it, and once it grabs on to the hair, it can really move!

I'm happy to take your calls if you have questions and I would love to come into your home to assist you with your head lice problem. But I am the first to say that we have to stop thinking that we need doctors and the science of chemicals to beat head lice. (In fact, there is a study that shows that doctors misdiagnose head lice more than parents or teachers do.) We have more knowledge about and weapons against head lice than we have ever had, and yet somehow we have more head lice than ever before. I think that is because people put their trust in "shampoos" and don't trust in themselves. Don't put off dealing with head lice just because you don't think you know what to do, or because you don't have the money to buy fancy treatments. You too can become an expert with knowledge and experience. Read this blog. Check out the links. Get informed. Then get hands-on experience by checking, picking, and combing. Even better, grab a buddy to help you to sort this all out. Stay calm, get active, and you can tackle your lice problem.
Voila! You're an expert!

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