Head Lice in the Daycare

In a public school, if your child has head lice and the school tells you to keep your child at home, you can probably fight it if you are able to show the school authorities that you are taking reasonable measures to deal with this problem. If your child has head lice and attends a daycare center, dayhome, or out-of-school care facility, that is another story. Most of these childcare facilities are run by private operators. As with any private business, they can refuse service for almost any reason.

If there is head lice in your child care centre, do all that you can to inform the staff of what head lice is, what head lice isn't, what to do, and how not to panic. You can even have them give me a call for some free information. In the end though, it is the centre that gets to make the call regarding their services. Always have a backup child-care plan, just in case.

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