Sometimes 'effective' can also be 'inexpensive'.

Never underestimate a decent lice comb. And I'm not talking about the plastic comb that comes in the Nix package. A proper metal lice comb is an extremely wise investment as it can cut your nit picking in half. I have always recommended the Licemeister, which is a great comb, but the cost is prohibitive for some. Then a client told me about a good comb that she found at Wal-Mart - the Pharmasystems dual-sided lice comb (see the blurry picture). It is a pretty generic comb, but I tried it and have found it to be both effective and inexpensive. I bought mine at Wal-Mart for around $9. You may have to ask the pharmacist where the lice combs are located as they are not stocked beside the regular brushes and combs. I don't think this comb is as durable as the Licemeister, but it can still be boiled and is good for multiple uses. On the back of the package, it tells you to "shampoo with pediculicide". As you know, I don't think this is necessary or beneficial. Just use the comb regularly. If you want to clean out the comb between strokes, dip it in water and wipe with toilet paper or a paper towel. If you want to clean between the teeth, do not pry the teeth apart - just clean between them with dental floss.


Luckyrose2777 said...

I have bought a kit at walmart that includes a plastic comb. This is all I have and can not afford to buy a metal brush. Do I still have hope that this plastic comb can rid me of the lice?

Cathy, the Nice Lice Lady. said...

Thanks for the question. A plastic fine-tooth comb can have some benefit. It can still get out a great deal of the adult, egg-laying lice. As I have said before, doing something is better than doing nothing and combing with even a plastic fine-tooth comb can still have some effectiveness. A good quality metal comb has an advantage in that it also removes many of the smaller bugs and many nits.
Use your plastic comb in the same way that I would recommend using the metal comb - detangle and condition the hair, comb from scalp to tip in one continuous stroke, wipe the comb on toilet paper and check the paper and the comb after each stroke for any bugs. You will need to thoroughly comb every few days - if you end up combing out the large bugs before they start laying eggs, you can outrun this problem. A blowdryer is another inexpensive tool to assist in this fight. Read other articles on this blog for more information on safely using this. And, of course, put all of your energy on the scalp and not on extra house cleaning. Feel free to call me if you have further questions. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hello i found a live bug on my poor 18month old babygirls head. I immediatly put her in the bath and began combing with the rid comb that looks exactly like the purple comb in the picture..i combed and combed until i couldnt get any more bugs out and only found a few nits. I have been combing everyday since monday (today is friday) and havent seen anything in her hair, although tuesday some nits and a tiny nymph came out. That morning i found a dead bug on our bed. Not sure of the dead bug came out of her hair or mine or her fathers who also has hair down his back.

Lets not forget my 6 years beautiful long thick hair all the way down her back. I combed throigh her hair for 3.5 hours and nothing. Is it possible that she really has no lice. Ive even jad her grandmother look through her hair and nothing.

Their faither cut is hair off yesterday but still has about inch long hair on the top, although i did not see any lice in his hair before he cut it, should i still comb through his hair? My 18month old, her father and i all sleep in the same bed. My six year old sleeps in her own bed but does roll around and play hard with her baby sister..

I know its only beem a couple of days but i got lice when i was younger and it took my mom monhs to completely get rid of it, then again we lived with 6 other people.

Is it really possible for my 6 year old and their father not to have lice. My mom even now has lice and my kids only sleep there once a week..

am i driving myself insane? I feel like ive been doing laundry since monday and have not sat back on my couch since monday, i just sit at the edge..
Please help
A really concerned, stressed, bugophobic mother. Even ants make me cringe..

Unknown said...

I am going through this exact thing. I've been treating my daughter for the past 5 months, only I've never seen live lice, only nits. I'm assuming your problem is resolved at this point since it's been 3 yrs since your post😂
But if you have any suggestions or tips?