Not All Combs Are Created Equal

When I first got into picking head lice, I would read about the "lice comb". I mistakenly thought that those little green combs that you find in the lice "shampoo" boxes were real lice combs. I was very discouraged as these combs didn't remove any nits, and only removed the occasional bug. This "lice comb" was no better than a traditional comb. Then I was told that metal combs were the answer. I went to my local drug store and bought a metal comb. It pulled out the nits - but it also pulled out the hair! It was horribly painful to use! Because of this, I gave up on ever finding that perfect lice comb. I thought I would be hand picking nits forever.

Then I met my dream comb: The LiceMeister. Sigh. The first time you use it you are astonished. (You never forget your first time!) The comb removes so many eggs and it catches lice, too. While I still had to do hand picking, it reduced my nit/lice picking time immensely. And it was on CSI too, so it is trés cool! It is very durable and boilable. It comes with comprehensive instructions and a comb cleaner(though you can easily clean it with wax-free dental floss). I tend to use it on wet hair first, do hand picking, and then go through the hair one more time with the comb. Just be sure to comb from root to tip in one continuous motion. You can do a quick cleaning of the comb between strokes by dipping it in water and wiping it on toilet paper or paper towel. Don't worry too much about eggs that are still in the comb - just check it to make sure that no bugs are stuck in it before you do the next stroke of the comb.
If you want more info about this great lice removal tool, contact me at www.thenicelicelady@live.com It is a must-have if your lice are a recurring don't-want.

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