Calm down. Lice don't like to live on faux suede.

Spraying your house/furniture/belongings with pesticides for head lice is bad for five reasons:
  1. Lice live on the head.  Period.  Don't waste your time cleaning your home any more than you normally do.
  2. You shouldn't be bringing these harmful chemicals in your home. These chemicals are more dangerous to your family's health than any head lice.
  3. Pesticides are not effective in the fight against head lice. Studies have shown that fumigating for head lice will not decrease your chances of becoming reinfested.
  4. These chemicals are not necessary. You don't even need to vacuum anything. 
  5. Fumigating costs a lot of money. You should put your hard-earned money toward treatments that have an excellent success rate (like my lice removal services!).
Don't go crazy cleaning your house.  Save your energy for dealing with the place that lice actually live and thrive - on the head.

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