Do not hurry. Do not rest.

Shinichi Suzuki was the creator of Talent Education, the Suzuki method of music education. What could he have to do with the fight against head lice? Well, it seems that the fundamental rules for mastering an instrument, or mastering anything for that matter, are the same for mastering head lice:

"Do not hurry. This is a fundamental rule. If you hurry and collapse or tumble down, nothing is achieved. Do not rest in your efforts; this is another fundamental rule. Without stopping, without haste, carefully taking a step at a time forward will surely get you there."
- Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998)

You will not beat head lice overnight. Not with a treatment or one use of a fancy comb. You will not beat it by exhausting yourself with a sleepless frenzied cleaning marathon that lasts for three days. You will beat it by slowly and calmly removing the lice and nits that you see. And you will do the same thing tomorrow. And the next day. And then, one day, you will notice that you are not dealing with it anymore. Even then, you will keep checking everyday. Hurrying yourself in a frantic panic will drain you of the energy needed to fight this fight. If you burn yourself out, you will give up. But the lice won't. So follow Suzuki's words of wisdom. Do not hurry. Do not rest. And you will win.

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