Aaah...The Simple Lice

In her book, Simplify Your Life, Elaine St. James talks about how she used to take all sorts of medications for a cold - decongestants, expectorants, whatever. Then she decided to simplify her cold fighting strategy and traded all her medications for simple Aspirin. In doing this, she found that her colds were actually shorter in duration than they had been when they were being treated with those cold medicine cocktails.

When fighting head lice, I also like to simplify. I do not use any "shampoos" or medicines at all. I just pick and comb (with the proper comb), and I find that the problem actually goes away more quickly. People who use the pesticidal "shampoos" are often less diligent in picking out every bug and egg, and therefore do not get rid of the problem right away. Or, there are some who deal with head lice so severely with random treatments that they cause their scalps to be dry and itchy - and then they think that the problem is head lice, which makes them use more treatments, which cause more dryness and the problem continues.

By just combing and picking, you will not irritate your scalp, nor will you mask the real problems. You will focus your energies into a technique that works instead of wasting your energy (and money) on false promises. Just K.L.S.S. (Keep Lice Simple, Silly.)

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