The Cure Should Never Make Things Worse.

My father gave me an old medical journal that talked about head lice. One of the recommendations? Turpentine. I know of someone who gave themselves 2nd degree burns using this "remedy". I've had people say that they left the "shampoos" on for days which can be very harmful. Or there's the others who have put their heads in scalding water. Or used RAID. Horrible, horrible stuff.

Toxins, corrosive materials, allergens, things that can burn, things that are carcinogenic - I know you want these bugs off of you, but don't put yourself at risk. It's not worth it because (a) unlike head lice (which is really just a yucky inconvenience), these "remedies" can really cause serious health problems, and (b) nothing will as work well as picking out every louse and egg. Nothing. So just pick - you will feel much better for it.

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