What You Really Need For The Battle

When I go to a home, I bring a lot of stuff with me. Two bags full and an adjustable chair. I have an extensive list of items that make lice removal easier for me and for my client.

Of all that I bring, what is essential? What do you really need to combat head lice?
All you really need is good eyesight, good light, nimble fingers and time. If you are the one with head lice, then you need a buddy who has all of these things. If I were to notice lice on my child's head and I was without my regular equipment, I would still get busy. I'd get near a window for natural light, and I would just go through the hair, strand by strand, picking off every louse and nit. And then I'd go through it again. And again.

If you want to save on some time, then you might want to keep these items around just in case:

  • Hair clips to separate the hair into manageable sections if the hair is very long
  • An adjustable light source, like a head lamp or a desk lamp that can be moved and angled as necessary
  • A magnifying glass to get a closer look if you need it
  • A real lice comb, like the LiceMeister or the Nit Free Terminator
  • A container of water and some toilet paper or paper towel to rinse and wipe the lice comb
  • A garbage can to throw your "treasures" in
  • Entertainment, such as a movie or video games, to pass the time
Some other tips: Have the person with lice put on a clean button-up-the-front shirt before the lice removal. Then, have them change their shirt after, just in case a critter fell on their clothes. Have everyone (including you) go to the bathroom before the lice removal starts. Set up your area completely before you start picking.
Some tools that are unnecessary? Pesticidal "shampoos" or treatments. They give you a false sense of security and the enemy has adapted to them. So just get in there and pick. In the war against head lice, your greatest weapons are diligence and determination.

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