Hair Conditioner: Friend or Foe?

Does hair conditioner have any part to play in the fight against head lice? Some may say it works against you.
The makers of the pediculicides or lice "shampoos" claim that you are not to use hair conditioner for a number of days after treatment as this will render the chemicals ineffective. So, if you choose the pesticides, don't use the conditioner. (On a side note, this is one of the excuses that the supporters of the pesticides use when the pesticides don't work - they say you didn't follow the directions.)

However, if you choose the non-chemical route, some say hair conditioner can help. It can really slow down or stop the live lice from crawling, making them easier to catch. First, comb your hair with a regular brush or comb to remove tangles. Then, hop in the shower and apply conditioner. Before you rinse, comb through the hair from root to tip with your lice comb. There is a great chance that if you have any bugs on your head, you will comb them out. Do this on a regular basis as a preventative measure against full infestation.

Some people feel that conditioner is even more effective when you apply it to hair that is dry. I haven't really noticed a difference. Dry or wet, the lice comb goes through the hair much more easily with the conditioner. So, I say that conditioner is your friend as it can make for easier lice removal. And you hair is so nice and shiny!

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