I didn't know him. But I liked him.

Thank you to the commenter who let me know about the death of Rick Speare, researcher, doctor, veterinarian and photographer of my favourite lice pictures.  If you would like to know more about this amazing man, here's his Wikipedia page, and if you would like to donate to his memorial fund at James Cook University, you can do so here.



minerva said...

Even though the pics make me cringe, they are pretty amazing. These buggers have at times obsessed me, I moved 2 years ago, having been totally oblivious to headline - never had them, never seen them. Within weeks of being here - riddled. I know there are parents here not treating or combing - I did 6 months of shampoo treatments that almost had me broke, both financially and emotionally, what was wrong with me that I couldn't even get a leave in shampoo right? And cost, 30 euro every 2 weeks for 2 kids - neighbours with more kids, how could they afford it. We live in a rather poor area, addiction and prison is not uncommon but the school then has a catchment area of all classes.
So now - I have been looking at opening a lice removal service - the air alle looked impressive but I needed something more affordable, I would love to do this for free after my heartache with all the supposed advertised solutions but we all got to pay rent and eat.... Thank you so much for all that is on this site. It has taught me much more in 2 hours as a lifetime of chemiSt's and Dr's and friends have - have you ever thought of setting up a consult business or a "how to set up" service, I for one would definitely pay for advice from a professional. Thank you for all the resource that is here, I am off to make a donation as a tribute to your blog.

vindiesel1245 said...

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essay galaxy said...

This is really sad news. May his soul rest in peace! He was truly a great man and a researcher. I appreciate that you have shared the news with us.