The comb is only as good as its user.

Here's a blurry picture of my cheap but good purple lice comb that I bought at Wal-Mart for under $10.  I got to use it this evening. Tonight my daughter had a wonderful friend over.  The friend was scratching her head at supper time so I asked about her head lice - my daughter told me she had been dealing with it.  This girl said that her parent said her hair would be cut right off if they didn't get a handle on the lice soon.  I offered to do a combing.  After supper, we put on a movie (Puss In Boots) and got to work.  She sat on a stool I sat on the couch behind her.  I sprayed her hair with water, conditioned it, detangled it with a brush, and then started combing with the lice comb.  Hundreds of eggs. Dozens and dozens of bugs.  As I was combing, I told this friend that I would be sending the lice comb home with her so she could continue combing every couple of days.  I was surprised at her response.

"Oh, we have that comb."

Upon talking to the parent later, I found out that comb had been used a couple of times but was then set aside because they didn't feel it was doing the job. Now, this girl had quite a lot of lice, so I do not know how the comb was being used or if it had really been used at all.  I must mention that this parent is not neglectful. Time, energy, and money had been put into this problem; the parent tried to deal with the child's head lice by giving the child a lice "treatment', doing extra laundry, and spraying the furniture with some supposed lice-killing chemical. Attention was given to the problem.  However, the problem didn't go away and for some reason, the lice comb was not really given a chance.

But it's the lice comb that works.  So-called "treatments" and "shampoos" will not solve the problem. Spraying furniture does nothing. The key to beating head lice is combing over time.  I told this parent to bring out the comb again and to comb every couple of days for a couple of weeks.  The combing sessions don't have to be marathons - even just combing for a 1/2 hour every couple of days will lead to success.

If you are dealing with head lice, stop looking for the quick fix.  Get combing and keep on combing until the lice and nits are gone.  If the chemical treatments worked, I would recommend them, but they don't.  A lice comb may not seem like a very snazzy solution and may not make the promises of a lice "shampoo", but it is simply your best tool in the fight against head lice.


Anonymous said...

What is this comb called? My daughter got lice at school yesterday and all I got was the nix comb now I have found your blog as I have got the itches from doing her and am paranoid I want to do my hair just in case I can't use the chemicals as I am pregnant

Anonymous said...

Hello i found a live bug on my poor 18month old babygirls head. I immediatly put her in the bath and began combing with the rid comb that looks exactly like the purple comb in the picture..i combed and combed until i couldnt get any more bugs out and only found a few nits. Mind you i combed atleast 6 bugs out of her 2inch long shoulder length hair.I have been combing everyday since monday (today is friday) and havent seen anything in her hair, although tuesday some nits and a tiny nymph came out. That morning i found a dead bug on our bed, As well as two.mornings later.Not sure of the dead bug came out of her hair or mine or her fathers who also has hair down his back. Lets not forget my 6 year olds beautiful long thick hair all the way down her back. I combed throigh her hair for 3.5 hours and nothing. Is it possible that she really has no lice. Ive even jad her grandmother look through her hair and nothing.Their faither cut is hair off yesterday but still has about inch long hair on the top, although i did not see any lice in his hair before he cut it, should i still comb through his hair? My 18month old, her father and i all sleep in the same bed. My six year old sleeps in her own bed but does roll around and play hard with her baby sister..I know its only beem a couple of days but i got lice when i was younger and it took my mom monhs to completely get rid of it, then again we lived with 6 other people.
 Is it really possible for my 6 year old and their father not to have lice. My mom even now has lice and my kids only sleep there once a week..am i driving myself insane? Forgot to mention, i have no one to comb out my hair or let me know if ive missed anything and in a matter of 10 minutes ive bent the teeth in two different style METAL combs (one being identicle to this purple walmart one)I feel like ive been doing laundry since monday and have not sat back on my couch since monday, i just sit at the edge.. 
Please help
A really concerned, stressed, bugophobic mother. Even ants make me cringe..!

Anonymous said...

One more question, how do you possibly comb through an 18month olds hair that wont sit still for more than 3 seconds? Should i just keep doing it in the bath?
My six year old was crying within the first hour..and her hair toom 3.5 hours

Anonymous said...

My hair bent the teeth in this comb within a matter of 5 minutes, it looks exactly the same as the red rid metal comb that comes in the whole package. I seen the terminator comb on amazon for less than $10. I heard the terminator is the best comb out there. I am also dealing with lice on myself and 18month old, hopefully my 6 year old is in the clear

Cathy, the Nice Lice Lady. said...

Somehow I missed these comments. Sorry.

I am sure that this problem has been dealt with by now, but here are my thoughts.

It is possible that some people in the home have head lice while others do not. Lice are not viruses that spread through the air. However, if all the people in the household have regular head to head contact (do they hug?)everyone should be checked regularly until no new nits or bugs have been seen in the home for 2 weeks. Some people do have a natural resistance to head lice, possibly due to the shape of their hair shaft. Still, resistance doesn't mean immunity and you should check everyone regularly.
Not all metal combs are created equal. You may have a comb that looks like the purple comb I use, but it may not be the same quality. The best combs I have experienced are by far the Licemeister and the Nit-Free Terminator. The teeth of these combs are more rigid and go right to the base of the handle. As for all the laundry you have done, I am sorry but I feel that was an unnecessary use of your energy. Doing laundry is not a proven tool in the fight against head lice but the combing is. If the comb you have has not been working, put your time and energy in getting one of the better combs and combing the head of everyone in the household every couple of days until you are certain the problem is dealt with. As for the 18th month old, I would just keep doing it in the bath if that is the place that she will sit still. If she will sit still for a movie, then I would do the combing right on the comfy couch in the living room.

Anonymous said...

Does lice not live on clothes and bed sheets etc. If you're saying not to wash everything.

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