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This is a small request from me to anyone who wants to contact me regarding their head lice struggles.  Please read a number of my blog posts before you contact me.  Most of the questions I receive have been answered in past blog posts.  When someone writes to me and says, "I love your blog! I've read every post!  I have a question...when can I stop washing all my bedding every day?", then I know that this person has not read much of my blog because I have said time and time again that doing any extra cleaning/laundering is a waste of time.  Many "experts" in different fields have very simple messages and techniques.  In the area of parenting, the Supernanny promotes the "naughty spot", positive reinforcement, and consistency. In finance,  Gail Vaz Oxlade promotes techniques such as using cash only, developing a realistic budget, writing down every purchase, and communicating with your partner.  My message in the field of head lice prevention and removal is also simple and can be summed up in a few points. 

So, if you have read this blog, here are the highlights:

1. Don't waste any extra time or energy doing cleaning or laundering.
You don't have to wash the bedding or clothes (including hats), vacuum the rugs or the furniture, pack away the toys or stuffed animals.  Clean your home as you would in your regular routine.  Lice will not survive off of the head.

2. Don't waste your time and money on ineffective quick fixes.
I don't recommend any "shampoos" or "treatments"with the exception of some excellent metal lice combs.  The solution to the problem of head lice should never cause financial hardship. 

3.  Do commit time and energy to what's on the head.
A thorough wet combing ever 2-3 days until 2 weeks have gone by with no evidence of head lice is a system that works.  Make sure you have a proper metal lice comb.

4. Talk to others and educate them about what really works.
I find it hard to believe that in a world where sex is on almost every billboard and violent shows are on TV at all times of the day, that the topic of head lice still brings shame.  This shame is based in a misunderstanding of the problem.  Read the research (there are links on this blog).  Get equipped and start talking with others.  Become the lice lady/man in your area.

Of course, there are more details to be found within each of these simple messages.  Normally, I would link these points to other posts that support their message, but this time I want you go on a treasure hunt.  Click around the blog and look at past posts.  Once you've read the info, if you still haven't had your questions answered, feel free to leave your question in the comments section of any post.  I will be happy to answer.

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