Loose ends...

Here are two quick tips that I've been meaning to share.  They don't come from me, but they are very good to know...

1. If you or someone you know has head lice AND a problem with dandruff, deal with the dandruff first. Use a good dandruff shampoo and try to get out all the flakes. This will save you from trying to determine if what you are seeing is lice or dandruff. (Thanks to the mother - I'm sorry I lost your name - who gave me this tip a few months ago.  Great idea.)

2. Here's a tip that is important to know if you are using the inexpensive purple lice comb that I recommend on this blog.  I have had 3 calls in the last two months where people have told me that on their purple combs, the side with the short teeth pulls through the hair and tears some of it out.  This is surprising to me as I have purchased many of these combs over the years and have never experienced this.  Still, when I hear this news from 3 different sources, I tend to believe it. Maybe it's a bad batch?  These callers still used the purple comb and found that it worked well - they just stopped using the side with the short teeth. 

Got any more tips?

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