Thanks for the call.

I received a call from an absolutely exhausted mother. She had been running on 3 hours sleep every night for the last 2 weeks. Her pre-teen daughter had head lice. They tried to get rid of it with Nix. They then tried Resultz. But they were still seeing live bugs on the head. The girl was still going to school, but her mother had pulled her from all her extra-curricular activities over this. Constantly cleaning, laundering, combing (with the Nix comb), and worrying, it was clear that this family had sacrificed everything to the The Louse.

I was so glad that she called. It is the best feeling in the world when you can give the news that the excessive cleaning can stop. I am overjoyed to tell a family that there are simple, inexpensive ways to deal with this problem. I tell them about what lice are and what lice are not. By asking specific questions, I can learn about what they know, clear up their misconceptions, and give them proven tools to get rid of head lice.

By the end of the call, the mother was almost crying tears of joy. I completely understood the marathon that she had been through. I validated her abilities and efforts and knew that she would be more than capable to utilize the new information to win the battle.

If you are dealing with the problem of head lice, the information on this blog is for you. But if you need to talk to a person, have questions, or just want to vent about head lice, give me a call. If I'm out, leave me a message and I'll call you back. I would be happy to talk to you. And to the woman, if you are reading this, thanks again for the call. Here's to catching up on your sleep!


Cathy, the Nice Lice Lady. said...

For those that leave comments on my blog promoting their products, know that they will be removed.If you want to send me free samples, I might give your product an honest review.

devoted2em said...

How can I talk to.you??? Got my step kids covered in lice and its been coming and going since Aug. I can't take much more I m about to shave all our heads!!!!!!Ashley

Anonymous said...

hi nice nit lady

ive been reading your website with gusto as i tonight found eggs in my daughters hair ( she said this morning she was itchy so i doused her with tea tree oil in water. at bed time i thought oh ill have a look and found eggs not a huge clutch but probably 2 dozen mostly 1-2 inches down the shaft of her bob hair. i sprayed t/t oil ( stronger now) into her hair and combed it and combed it . 2 adults plopped out naturally i squished them...but no more appeared. i doused her again in tt soloution it seems to send them running but no more appeared . im going to wash her in hair in the morning and blow dry it as you suggested and re douse with tt ...... my long winded question is as most of the eggs were further down the hair shaft have the others just died of old age ( dont mean to joke) or should i be finding more? i dont want to alarm my daughter shes only 8 and i told her she had lots dandruff as im mouthing to my husband iiitttttsss nittts!!!
any advice is welcome

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