Don't wait. Do something.

With head lice, as with most things, knowledge is better than ignorance. However, sometimes, we are reluctant to act on a problem because we don't feel that we have the right tools or expertise. Don't feel that way with head lice. If your loved one has head lice, there are only a handful of things you can do to make this problem worse:

1. Rub your head on their head. Share the love and the bugs.
2. Use toxic or unsafe treatments or methods to deal with head lice.
3. Scratch the bites until infection develops.
4. Do nothing.

Most people can easily avoid the first three actions. But it is surprising how many people do the fourth action - or should I say, inaction. They do nothing about head lice because they feel ill equipped to deal with it.
Read this blog post about how even doing the little you can do with what you have can go a long way in dealing with head lice.

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