Why don't African-American/Canadian children get head lice?

It's true. It is extremely uncommon for African-American children to get head lice. What makes this strange is that Black African children get head lice. What's the difference?

This 2001 article from the University of California explains the reason behind this. North American head lice prefer hair that is round in cross-section - like the hair of Caucasian and Asians. But the hair of African-American's is ovoid (oval or egg-shaped) in cross-section. So they don't like it that much.

The hair of the Black African is also ovoid. But the head lice in Africa have adapted to this shape of hair. Because this is what head lice do. They adapt. In other words, given some time, I'm sure North American head lice will be equal opportunitiy parasites.


Anonymous said...

That's a dumb theory.The reason African Americans don't get head lice isn't cause of the shape of a hair follicle.Lol!!So if that's true then tell me why African americans don't have Monkey DNA?The Science study's say that everyone else has 4%

A whole new wave of genetic race debate came in May 2010 with the reporting of the initial results of the Neanderthal Genome Project. These pointed to interbreeding between Neanderthals and modern humans which has left a genetic legacy of between 1-4% of Neanderthal autosomal DNA in non-African Eurasians. Blogger Lee John Barnes on far right wing website 21st Century British Nationalism seized on this to proclaim, “Yes Race exists” and outline The New Race Theory. He states that the fact that Modern Europeans are part Neanderthal explains racial differences. He translates the Neanderthal Genome Project Team’s ‘1-4% for all Eurasians’ into: “Modern Europeans have a minimum of 4% DNA from Neanderthals = Whites who are the descendants of the Cro-Magnons. East Asians have 2% DNA from Neanderthals = the Oriental racial groups. Black Africans have no DNA from Neanderthals = African blacks. It appears that Australian aborigines do not have any Neanderthal DNA either, so they are also archaic Homo Sapiens from Africa”. This is despite project team member, geneticist David Reich, saying that all non-Africans – be they from France, China or Papua New Guinea – share the same amount of Neanderthal DNA, suggesting that interbreeding occurred before those populations split. Genetic evidence also suggests that Australian Aborigines descend from the same lineage as the first modern humans to migrate from Africa.

Jamie Smith Seaton said...

Wow, very random. Didn't even end with how it relates to lice

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I don't know if it's oval or round hair follicles ...Lice has been a epidemic as of late in my neighborhood since it changed populations...Instead of pesticides I think everyone should get organic African hair weaves to stop this seeing it works well;) Think of the children and the harm these poisons might cause,GET THEM HAIR WEAVES!!!