Don't underestimate the little guy.

This past weekend, I had the wonderful pleasure of going into a home of a family with 4 wonderful daughters (and a great mom and dad - you all know who you are!) While looking at heads, our discussions enlightened me in the ways of Manga, jokes, pop songs, and tearful movies. The mom and I also had a brief discussion about fruit flies. We have both recently experienced the "joy" of having fruit flies in the home. What a pain. With fruit flies, you don't know where they came from but you soon find that they are difficult to get rid of. They live off of the food (or food residue) in your home, but sometimes, even if you empty your garbage every night, put away or seal up all leftovers and clean all surfaces thoroughly, you can still have a fruit fly problem and they can resurface in full force once you just happen to leave a dirty dish out for a little while.

If you have had fruit flies before, you know how annoying they can be. Just like head lice. (I think everything reminds me of head lice!) You may think that you have dealt with it because you no longer see the eggs or bugs. However, there is a really good chance that you have missed something. You need to remain diligent and give the affected head(s) your attention until you have had at least 2 weeks without seeing any eggs or bugs. Do NOT waste any time doing extra cleaning or laundry. Put all your focus on the heads in the home.

As the mom at this house I visited said, "No one ever tells you the time commitment it takes to deal with head lice."

I do. As for those of you who are dealing with this now, consider yourself told.

(P.S. To this mom who put in the time: You did an amazing job.)

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