Lice: 1, Nix:0

As I have mentioned in previous posts, ALL of my business comes from people who have already used some sort of lice "shampoo" or treatment with little success. Doctors, pharmacists, and Alberta Health Services almost always recommend a permethrin based-treatment such as Nix or R&C. Once again, I recommend against the use of such treatments, and not just because permethrin is a pesticidal neurotoxin. I recommend against them because, in my experience, they don't work well.

I just came from yet another home that where a treatment was used on the child about 4 days before my visit. The parents thought that they had solved their child's lice problem, but they wanted me to check through the hair just in case. I found numerous eggs and 6 adult bugs, alive and kicking. The parents were shocked.

There are many different options in the fight against head lice, and I absolutely do not blame parents for wanting to try everything to get rid of the problem. I just feel sad when I see discouraged parents and wasted money. If you only have enough money to buy "shampoo" or a proper lice comb, please choose to buy the comb. A good comb can cost less than the "shampoo" and you can use it many times for many heads (boil it between uses). The more expensive combs are also great - the Licemeister and the Nit-Free Terminator are great. When used properly, a proper metal lice comb is great at getting out adult lice, nymphs and eggs.

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