When to call in a professional...

Most of the calls I receive come from people who want to know how to deal with this problem on their own. I am very happy to share all kinds of information about head lice and will do what I can to help you. You don't need a professional and every lice removal "expert" got that way just through experience, which my callers soon get. However, there are times that you might want an in-home visit.

You might want to call in a head lice professional when...
 ...you have no peace of mind.

For some people, just the thought of head lice drives them around the bend and leads to a cleaning frenzy and sleepless nights. Or, you may be one of countless others who have been dealing with head lice for a long time and never seem to get rid of it. Head lice needs to be attended to, but it shouldn't consume your life or keep you from doing what you need to do. A head lice professional can help you get informed, can show you where to put your energies, and can get the bugs and eggs out.

...you have more money than time.

There are some that would happily deal with their own lice, but they have no time and would rather call in and pay someone else to address the problem. While lice professionals charge for their services, the total cost is often cheaper than the cost of ineffective "shampoos", alternative and unproven treatments, flimsy combs, and unnecessary cleaning supplies. That said, a good lice professional will tell you that one visit will not guarantee success. You must put in some time as well with regular combing and checking.

...you have never dealt with head lice before but think you might be dealing with it now.

Seeing pictures of lice and nits is very helpful, but most people are surprised at how small bugs and eggs can be. Once you see head lice and nits with your own eyes, you should know the difference between the bugs and say, dandruff, sand, hair shafts, or small globs of styling products. But if you have never dealt with head lice, and you don't know of anyone who has, a lice professional is a great person to see.

...you don't have a "buddy".

Many parents can go through the hair of their children, but cannot get a good look at their own scalp. While there are tools that can help you deal with the problem, it is hard to have peace of mind when you can't see your head for yourself. To put your mind at ease, you can call a lice professional to get a thorough lice check.

...you are getting conflicting information from other "experts".

Misinformation can come from many good places. I have had more than one client who has gone to a doctor or a health clinic and has been misdiagnosed. Maybe you are uncomfortable with the brochure that your child brought home from school because it said that the only way to properly deal with head lice is by using a pesticide. And then, as you know, the Internet is full of wild and wacky treatments. Did your Aunt Gertrude tell you that back in the old country, children got head lice from playing in dirty sandboxes? Don't believe everything you hear. Lice professionals know lice. They can tell you the facts, share the latest research, and show you what to look for.


Unknown said...

Hello found lice and nits on my daughters head about 2 weeks ago did the shampoo twice crazily been washing everything and vigorously been checking her hair piece by piece and I dont find any lice but i keep finding literally one nit everyday for the past 3 days im pretty sure they are dead but is it normal for me to find one everytime? Are these just ones that im just missing or what is it?? Its driving me crazy.

In A Pretty Girls Head ...... said...

Hello I am currently washing all my bed linen and recently worn clothes , rugs and am freezing hair accessories. However one room ( full of stuffed animals and my husbands clothes ) is just too much. My questions are if I stay out of the room but still allowing my husband to go in and out , will I be ok. I'm the only one with lice he doesn't have it ( we're completely sure ) . Also while waiting for my clothes to dry ( heating up the lice ) where do I sit stand sleep ? Until I'm sure the lice is gone . I'm 29 and em completely embarrassed to tell anyone so it's just me . I will start combing once I can get to the store they open in a few hours , for now I'm waiting with conditioner in my hair in a plastic bag . Please help

Cathy, the Nice Lice Lady. said...

Sorry, this comment only came through my inbox now. I'm sure you've dealt with your head lice problem already. I hope so anyway. If these are the way you have been dealing with head lice, then it is clear you haven't read many posts on this blog. Please check out this older post: https://thenicelicelady.blogspot.ca/2016/04/no-cleaning-no-cry.html

All the best.