Study says wet combing is more effective than "treatments".

Here is a link to an article that reported on a study about wet combing. In this study, wet combing was proven to be more effective than over-the-counter treatments:
Isn't that just what I've been saying, my dears? Adult lice go into survival mode when wet - they "freeze", staying still long enough for you to comb many of them out. (Note that I'm talking about ADULT bugs - baby bugs, or nymphs, are often too tiny, so keep combing regularly until you are sure the problem is gone.) When you wet comb, add a little bit of conditioner to the hair to keep it from drying too quickly. Also, don't forget to remove the eggs as well (the combs, even the excellent combs, won't remove all the nits). One thing I find interesting though - this article mentions a product called "The Bug Buster Kit". Do you know what this kit is? A box of fine-tooth combs. Even a regular comb can take out a quite a few adult bugs when the hair is wet. Why do we have to make combing into a "program" or "product"? Yet another gimmick to buy. But there is no product that will completely get rid of head lice.
But there is a person that can get rid of head lice - YOU. (And if you want some help, just call me.)

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