Outbreak, Epidemic, and other nonsense words.

Yesterday someone told me that their son's school had an outbreak of head lice. An outbreak? Wasn't "Outbreak" that movie with Dustin Hoffman where he was dealing with a deadly airborne virus? That word, as well as the word "epidemic" can cause a lot of unnecessary panic. Head lice is a year round concern in schools. But once it we realize it might affect us, it becomes an outbreak. And the head lice treatment companies want you to think of head lice as an epidemic - your panic brings in big profits.

The louse is not a virus. While it often blends in with the colour of the hair, it is visible without a magnifying glass or microscope (if you can read small print, you can see head lice and eggs). It is not an airborne creature - it does not jump from head to head, nor can you get it by just being in the same room as someone with head lice. And pesticidal "shampoos" will not get rid of the problem.

Read more about head lice here. Read more here about how to get rid of head lice. If you have questions about head lice, just call me. You don't have to use my services, just call me. It is time to stop panicking.

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