Another good website...

Another good website with sound research about head lice infestations has been developed by The Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health and you can see it here. While this site seems to promote the use of pesticidal treatments (which I do not recommend), it also mentions some of the research that shows that lice have become resistant to these treatments in some countries (there is no Canadian research, but our situation is similar to the United States). It also mentions that many of these treatments can be toxic in certain situations.

I like that this site is that it discusses the idea that you can have nits but NO infestation. I hope you will read about this and realize that you don't need to reach for a bottle of pesticide every time you see an egg. I also like that this site says that going into an super-insane cleaning frenzy is unnecessary. (OK, I may have paraphrased that, but the idea is the same.)

What I don't like about this site? It says that wet combing has not been proven effective in the fight against head lice, but there is another study that says it has (and you can see it here.) All in all, this site has some good information. Remember though, in my book, no lice shampoo is good lice shampoo. You would do better (and be richer) if you would just take the time to pick/comb everything out.

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