Jeopardy Question: These parasitic insects live only on the human scalp.

Answer: What are head lice? (Pediculosis Capitis)
For more general info about lice and nits - what they are like and what to do with them when you find them -
check out the my blog posts from November 2008.

Another note: See this picture. See the little red baby louse? (It is red because it just ate.) On your head, that nymph is about the size of a speck of pepper and you usually can't see the outline of its legs with the naked eye unless it is in front of a completely white background. (Because of the age and the size of these little red guys, my daughter calls them "Baby Spice".) So, if you are doing your own lice removal, and you see a tiny speck on the head, don't waste your time wondering if it is lice. Just remove it. When in doubt, take it out.

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