You are the secret to your success.

Use your imagination for just a moment. Let's say your home had a cockroach problem - an infestation. What would you do? You would call an exterminator. What if the exterminator sprayed your house with pesticides and then told you that the spray wouldn't kill the cockroaches right away. Yuck. Then, what if the exterminator told you that you had to go and catch every roach, one by one, to prevent infestation from happening again. I know what I would think - I would think, "Why the heck did I pay that guy when I'm the one who has to solve the problem?"

This is how I feel about the makers of lice "shampoos". They tell you that their pesticides are necessary, but then, and I quote from the Nix website, "If your child has been diagnosed with head lice, you must remove every last one of them, including their eggs, to prevent reinfestation." And then you remove every louse and nit (which is what really solved the problem) and you declare, "The shampoo worked!" Right.

Don't fall for their lice advice. Since you have to go straight to the source of the problem anyway (i.e. you have to remove the lice manually), skip the middle man. Forget the "shampoos". If you really want to utilize a "middle man", I'm your gal.

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