Lice Lesson #6: Lice are specialists.

The pediculus humanus capitis (head louse) is designed for one thing only. Crawling on human heads. These critters cannot survive anywhere else for very long - not on pets, not on furniture, and not in a lab, which is why there is relatively little research conducted regarding lice. And have you seen them crawl? Off the head, they are bumbling idiots who don’t get very far. And then a hair gets within reach and zoom! It doesn't matter if the hair is clean or dirty. It is freaky how fast they can move. Their little bodies are designed for speed.

What You Can Do: When you see a live louse in hair, wet the hair.  It puts the louse into survival mode and slows it down. Use your proper metal lice comb don't give up in your quest to catch it.

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