Lice Lesson #2: When in doubt, check it out.

Does your head itch? Did you just see your child scratch her head? Take a quick look in the itchy area. Any bite marks? Eggs? Live bugs? Besides these random checks, lice checks should be a part of your daily routine. I do a quick check on my kids when I brush their hair in the morning and when they brush their teeth at night. I also do a thorough combing through everyone's head each week.

What You Can Do: Understand the difference between vigilance and paranoia. Don't go crazy and grab your child's head every time they brush the hair out of their eyes. But if you see extended or repeated scratching, get in some good light, and do a check.


Anonymous said...

Good of you to differentiate between vigilance & paranoia. Anyone who's been through this potential nightmare of lice infestation (we have) can relate, with possibly some laughter in retrospect, how paranoid you can get after such an experience! LoL

Cathy, the Nice Lice Lady. said...

Are you scratching just from reading this blog?

Regular lice checking should be a part of every family's routine. If my kids complain of a toothache, I get them checked by a dentist because I don't want a potentially small problem to get bigger. It is the same with lice. If my kids are scratching, I take a look.

You can do your lice checking during family movie time. Let your child rest his/her head on your lap while you gently look through his/her hair. My kids find gentle lice checking to be quite relaxing.

You don't have to be a psycho-nit picker. If you make the lice check a normal part of a healthy routine, everyone in the family will be comfortable with it.