Lice Lesson #11: Watch Out For Imposters, Part 2.

My friend phoned and asked about bugs. Bed bugs. Based on the bites she had, she wanted to make sure it wasn't head lice, or body lice, or scabies. Her bites were like mosquito bites on her torso. Head lice bite on or just around the head only, so it wasn't head lice. Body lice tend to bite in the warm places that are touched by the seams of your clothing, and you can see them on your clothes. Scabies also prefer the warm parts - armpits, wrists, under folds of skin - their bites are small and often in a line. We decided that her bites were caused by bed bugs and this was later confirmed. Ah, the pestilence that we have to face!

What You Can Do: Read about different parasites such as human lice, scabies, and bedbugs and investigate anything that looks like a bug bite.

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